Integral Dental Services

In Grupo Odontológico Integral, we are specialized in dental tourism. We are aware of the efforts and costs of dental procedures in the US, and we strive not only to provide the best prices in dental care (you can save up to 75% off US prices), But also strive to provide first-class attention, state-of-the-art technology.

First Contact

• Consultation includes Regular Dental Cleaning and X-rays.
• Dental Laser Whitening or with Guards.
• Dental Laser Whitening or with Guards.
• Orthodontics With and Without Brackets.
• Keeps Relaxation and Dental Protection.
• Facial Pain.
• Forensic Odontology.

Aesthetic and Functional

• Sealing of Caries with Resin.
• Endodontic (with Post and Crown of Metal or Porcelain in any Tooth).
• Ceramic Post for Endodontics and Crown.
• Metal or Gold Crown.
• Metal Free Crown.
• Crown of Zirconia.
• Inlaid porcelain or resin.
• Porcelain veneers.
• Conventional Partial Denture.
• Complete Immediate Denture.
• Crown or Temporal Fate.

First Contact

• Extraction (Simple, Surgery or Impact).
• Deep Cleaning by Quadrant.
• Paranasal sinus elevation.
• Dental Implant with Attachment and Crown.
• System All in 4 with Dental Bridge.
• System All in 6 with Dental Bridge.
• Bone Graft.
• Denture Supported by Implants.
• Total Arch Bridge supported by Implants.
• Sedation (by anesthesiologist).

A smile makes the difference

Come to any of our clinics and in less than 30 minutes a specialist will review your mouth in detail to know your current condition in depth.

We will give you a diagnosis of what we find, whether you are perfectly, or that you need something. This diagnosis is a professional document that will help you make a wise decision.

Before and After

Before After

We offer our services in a relaxed and uncomplicated environment, within reach and always with a smile.

With previous programming we can stop by you to your hotel, villa or condo where you are staying. When making your appointment, mention that you need a shuttle. Also, we have specialized care for people with disabilities.

Send us a message and we will contact you at no extra cost. We returned the call to USA, Canada and any part of Mexico.